Speech / Prompt®

Some children do not develop their speech sounds ("articulation") at the same rate as their peers and require professional help in this area. Other children demonstrate errors that are not based upon individual sound errors but patterns ("phonology") such as leaving out final sounds in words such as "ka" for "cat";  leaving out a sound when there are 2 consonants together such as "poon" for "spoon".  This could be caused by many things such as muscle weakness or motor planning difficulties ("apraxia") where the child knows what they want to say but the sounds don’t come out correctly on demand.

These children may need some direct instruction in order to learn how to produce the sound(s).  An evaluation is needed to see the reasons for the speech sound difficulties.  Then an individual program is developed with parental input. 

PROMPT® is one of the highly successful strategies that can be used to address speech AND language difficulties.   

We work with students that are nonverbal all the way through students who have difficulty producing 1-2 sounds.  Therapy is individualized because not all children respond to the same type of intervention.  Parents are a vital part of the therapy and are provided with instruction how to carry out home practice.   

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