Our Social Thoughts


This is a great quote about “learning” from the famous psychiatrist, William Glasser. It must be considered every time we work with our students, children & clients:


This is what we do at “Bend Your Brain Inc” for speech/language therapy and for social learning - it's all about experiencing the actual situations in the natural context, which helps to understand the feelings of others, and then we can teach others. This can be done whether the individuals are verbal or nonverbal.





If we could hear our dogs’ Social Thoughts…..

"WHAT!?  Are you kidding me?"


“What good news!  I’m so happy for you!”


“Do I like her new hairdo?”

“Well, no, I really don’t -- but I’m going to use my social smarts
and social filter and tell her I do!”


 "I'm so confused!"


This is a funny depiction of a toddler – you don't see much social thinking or thinking about others going on here! 
(My favorite sections are the “Endless-Repetition Stem” and the “Crayola Oblongata” !)



We keep this quote of Maya Angelou's in mind every session, no matter what we are working on with the student.  It is a life lesson that we must never forget:


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