JoyDew Foundation presentation

Price: free
Event Starts: Oct 16, 2015 - 7:00 pm
Event Stops: Oct 16, 2015 8:30 pm
Phone: 973-420-6707

Event Location: Morristown Office
Address: 3 Elm Street, Suite 204
City: Morristown
Zip: 07960
State: New Jersey

Please join us for a special presentation by Moish Tov, Founder of JoyDew Foundation:

Is your child close to turning 21 years old? It's likely you are already worrying about what will happen when he exits the school system: What will be his life from now on? Will he have a job, friends or purpose? As we all know, there is very little available for adults with autism and what is offered may not be what you want for your child.

As parents of two young adults with autism, we face the same questions. And that is why we founded JoyDew.

JoyDew's mission is to provide high value employment in a supportive environment for adults with all levels of autism. Our focus is providing meaningful life to people with autism ages 21+ and their families. We do this by providing these young adults with the training programs needed to acquire high-valued careers based on their unique abilities, long term employment, enriched quality of life with a sense of purpose, friends and community.

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JoyDew's Mission statement

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