May 3 Bowling outing

We had another amazing social outing for the High School group. All the boys arrived on time, were nicely dressed, and greeted each other. They were flexible with the "group" that I put everyone into, knew their shoe sizes (!), and worked as a team to achieve the group goal of more than 1000 points.

I was actually a bit nervous because I didn't know how the bowling would go without bumpers. Everyone rose to the occasion. They scored more than 1400 points as a group! They also welcomed a new boy into the group.

Everyone ordered their food and waited patiently for it while talking to each other, then ate together and had good conversations. I saw high fives, clapping, and encouraging each other. They showed great creativity with such bowling pseudonyms as "Scorpion", "Criminal", "King of Orange", "Yveltal", and "Dude Epic".

After the collective victory, the manager at Plaza Lanes was so impressed by how smoothly everything went that instead of charging $13.00 for two games and shoes, he charged each boy $8 and waived the charge for shoes.

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