Bending our Brains at Bowling

Bowling with the Middle School groups this past Sunday was awesome!

There were 14 boys who all worked together for a common goal: to bowl two games and earn 2300 points between them all. They all earned their reward - a free video game! Although everyone did not know each other, there was talking, smiling, cheering, victory jumping (see the picture of a just earned strike!), bending their brain, and great "social thinking" going on. Everyone looked neat and clean and was on-time. I am so proud of everyone.

I'd also like to let everyone know that Plaza Lanes "bent their brains" and only charged for the 2 games (and that was at a discount), and did not charge for the shoe rental. That was great, and they get a "YOU-YEAH" award for thinking about others.

ALL the boys did their jobs emailing each other the needed information. Many had to make phone calls to get the information or provide weather reports (just in case). That was not easy, but they all made those calls! Everyone had to sign a contract with me and everyone was true to their word! For that reason, EVERYONE gets a BEND YOUR BRAIN award this week. I couldn't be prouder of everyone.

Thank you of course to Fred, Houston, and Julia who helped to chaperone. They also get "YOU-YEAH" awards because they were thinking about others!

All the awards will appear on our website in the near future.

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