"YOU-YEAH" Awards February 10-17, 2014

This week has been hard for everyone with the snow, ice, school, and no school. But the social thinkers were still busy at work....

KRISTIN- You brought Valentine's Day cards for everyone. That you so much for thinking of us! You get a "YOU-YEAH" award!!!!

GRACE- You were the first one to thank Kristin for the Valentine's Day card. That was using good social thinking and thinking about others. Go get a "YOU-YEAH" award. We loved seeing those new earrings!!!! You know how I love earrings!!

DANIEL- a great YOU-YEAH Award....You said, "I love you," to mom and dad for Valentine's Day. What a great social thinking thing- you have done. I KNOW you made them SOOOOOO happy. How great!!!!

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