"BEND YOUR BRAIN" Awards February 9-17, 2014

It has been a very trying week for everyone with all the snow and ice and we ALL needed to "bend our brains." So many students did so this week......

KRISTIN- You played with other girls at school this week (when there was school). You opened up your mind to make some changes. Great! Don't forget to think of Mario when you are in the "yellow" zone. You are also getting a "You-Yeah" award. Go check it out!

JADA- It was so great to have you back! We missed you. You had to wait to get your chocolate bar treat. You were not "red and stiff and stuck." You bent your brain----so you get a "Bend Your Brain" award for the first week you are back!!!! Congratulations.

SEAN- Wow- really great social thinking this week. We have a few "BEND YOUR BRAIN" Awards-----You went in and out of different doors in your kitchen! ALRIGHT!!!! You are now going past Level F in your Rocket Math Paper and you are calm about it. This is awesome. When playing the new Mickey Mouse game during our social thinking group, you had to keep going back to the same space over and over and over again. You were so flexible. You did not get upset at all. That is a super-duper "BEND YOUR BRAIN" award.

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