You-YEAH Award February 1-9, 2014!!

There were some awesome special "social thinking" moments this week.

GAVIN- The kids at home were made Bryan feel very sad by not letting him stay in the group. He left very upset. You ran after him and apologized. You were thinking about him. That is a special "You-YEAH" award. Keep on waiting and listening to others!

ANDREW- You helped your dad shovel after this awful winter week! I am sure he appreciated that! Hurray-YOU YEAH!!

PATRICK- You "saved" Andrew by taking away the alligator. This way he could stay in the group and not be distracted. Congratulations on this "YOU-YEAH" award. You were thinking about him. Keep with that confidence. It was great this week.

BEN- You're first time earning awards!!! You did sooo many social thinking things this week to show that you were thinking about others. You helped mom set the dinner table; you closed your computer when asked to; you cleaned the table and helped shovel the snow; you put the salt pellets down to help melt the snow and ice to help dad; you stayed out of Jared's way so he can hopefully start having good thoughts about you. Congratulations Ben on your YOU-YEAH award. Keep going. Now do the 10 school things this week!

JASON- This YOU-YEAH is being awarded to you this week. The group this week was so much fun. You were so much part of that fun adding your palindomes. My favorite was "Go hand a salami"- otherwise known as "I'm a lasagna hog." Loved it. Great job using your comments so that people knew you were listening to them! It was fun for everyone. Don't forget your "Iowa" questions and "Set." Thanks again for being a part of the social group. Everyone left with good thoughts and smile! Have a great week.

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