"BEND YOUR BRAIN" Award February 1-8, 2014

This is a very important award and when you did this, it makes people have good thoughts about you and you should have good thoughts about yoursefl. Congratulations for the great social thinkers this week.

CHARLES- You had a good idea to bring cards in for lunch to get together with classmates. But they didn't seem interested in the cards. You didn't get "red and stiff and stuck." You didn't break into pieces. You looked around, saw that other students were playing with cups. You had a great idea. You asked mom if you could get those cups. She bought it. You brought it to school and it is a hit!!! Congratulations on bending your brain AND "Using Your Noodle." That was great thinking. I am so proud of your social thinking! I know the group can't wait to see the cups next week!

BEN- You did amazing social thinking this week. You felt that you couldn't get "unstuck" about a boy in your school. You asked the school to change your classes so that you would not get in trouble or annoy the boy. You did not want to change your classes, but you thought that this would be the best way. You "bent your brain" and changed classes. So it was several new teachers and lots of changes. That was very brave of you. I am very proud of you. Now keep on thinking about others. You have very much earned a BIG "BEND YOUR BRAIN" award this week. I can't wait to see you 10 things for this week!

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