YOU-YEAH AWARDS January 23-31

Despite the wind and snow and freezing temperatures, the social groups are really cooking and thinking about others.....

GAVIN- Your first "You-Yeah" award for helping your brother follow along in church. Nobody asked you to do it. You did it all on your own. Congratulations!!!

ANDREW- Andrew your great thinking about others continues.....YOU held the door open for your grandma- that made it easier for her to get in and feel good that you were thinking about her. YOU made your bed without anyone asking you to. That made it so much easier for your mom. YOU made a bracelet for you grandma- that made her feel so good and then feel so good about you. YOU let someone go ahead of you at lunch- that was making it easier for someone else and you know that have good thougts about you. YOU helped your brother get back up when he fell down a step- that was REALLY doing your social thinking and helping someone else. There are more, but I think I will save the other "social thinking" moments for next week. CONGRATULATIONS ANDREW. During the social thinking group this week- your eyes and your works were SOOOO in the group. That was really awesome.

Mr. NICK- CONGRATULATIONS on this YOU-YEAH and really BEND YOUR BRAIN social thinking aware. You weren't a "Body Snatcher" when you were ready to leave- you waited for the person to finish talking. You were thinking about him and you were "in the group." When you went out for dinner with friends, you weren't "Rock Brain" or "One-Sided Sid." You were using your "social thinking" smarts and thought about the others and listened. Nick- you really are thinking and I continue to be very proud of your thinking. Now just be careful with "Glassman" when playing video games. He is really sneaky. But you can conquer it!!!!!!!!!!

CARMEN & JAKE- you both get a very special "You-YEAH" award for helping me organize my office and helping me with my New Year's resolution- to be neater. Thank you so much for your thinking about me and that means good social thinking! You helped me a lot! Thank you again!

JOHN- You have had a HUGE week of "You-YOU" "social thinking" moments. You have earned a HUGE award here. I will just mention a few- You fed the dog without being asked; you opened the door for your mom; you put out the dinner plates without being asked; your mom wasn't feeling well and you went to the refrigerator and got her a straw and drink and brought it to her; your grandma was in the hospital and you asked to talked to her on the phone after your sister. You made SO MANY people feel so good this week. Congratulations on your "YOU-YEAH" award. You also earned a "Bend Your Brain" award! Check it out.

ANDREW- You so often think about your grandmother. She is very lucky to have you! You made an art project with a mirror and gave it to her. You are special. Congratulations on your great "social thinking" and you "YOU-YEAH" award.

LUCAS- You have earned this award this week. We were having cookies that John didn't like. You asked that next time we have a party that I get Oreos because John likes that. You were thinking about John. So this awesome and a "YOU-YEAH" Award. You are very famous for thinking about others. Keep it up.

A truly incredible "social thinking group"......

BEN- You helped a friend work on his Eagle Scout project.

LEO- You are always positive and led the clapping for T.J.'s accomplishment. Also, check "Student News" for his own great accomplishment!!

T.J.- You gave all your Skylanders to a boy who was sick in the hospital and cheered him up so that he would take his medicine. Truly- very special.

Congratulations to this group

ETHAN- You let your brother borrow your guitar. You are hereby awarded a "YOU-YEAH" Award. Congratulations for thinking about your brother all on your own. I am sure that this made him feel good!!! Keep up your good social thinking. I know you can do it, Ethan!!!

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