"BEND YOUR BRAIN" Awards, January 23-31, 2014

The social thinking groups are really HEATING up even though we are all freezing here.....

ANDREW- You have truly earned your first "BEND YOUR BRAIN" Award. You could not find your Luigi guy to bring to the group today. You looked everywhere and couldn't find it. You did not get red and stiff and stuck. You "used your noode" and "bent your brain" at the same time----and your brought Mario instead. Excellent thinking. Congratulations on your well deserved award!!

CHARLES- You have been doing alot of social thinking over the past month. You have made a change to a new school. That was hard and you are handling it beautifully. You also have been getting good grades over the last month. A well deserved "Bend Your Brain" award. Congratulations. I am very proud of you. Remember- keep smiling.

JOHN- A big "BEND YOUR BRAIN" award- you were thinking of different ways to play with friends during recess. You were able to play "opposite day" with your dad and you were OK with that. Something very big----you tried the birthday cake Oreo cookie and brownie Chips Ahoy cookies. You didn't like it, but that is OK. You tried it and you were calm and in the Green Zone. CONGRATULATIONS!!

NICK- You entered a Minecraft world where it was supposed to be safe but someone used his Diamond Sword and got you. You were upset, but it was not a "Glassman" moment. Also, you lost in our "no-talking" building game today. You asked to walk around the room a minute. You did so and you were OK!!! Those are great examples of "social thinking" and a "BEND YOUR BRAIN" award. Awesome. Keep it up.

GAVIN- You have earned a great "BEND YOUR BRAIN" Award. Your mom would not allow you to have all that candy. You did not get "red and stiff and stuck." Instead you called up a friend and gave it to him. That is also a "USING YOUR NOODLE" award. Good social thinking, Gavin. Congratulations.

ANDREW- You could not find Mario or Luigi to bring to the social group today. But you were OK about it. That is an awesome "BEND YOUR BRAIN" award.

JASON- I am truly excited to say that you have earned a "BEND YOUR BRAIN" award this week! You were trying to finish your math test in one period, but you had to do the last example in the next period. You said, "FINE," to the teacher but maybe not in the kindest way. BUT you were much more upset inside yourself and you didn't let that come out. That is a very good step. Have a great week.

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