YOU-YEAH AWARD January 11-18, 2014

COURTNEY- You have earned a You-YEAH award- your friend Elena was sick. You emailed her telling her that you hoped she felt better. That was such nice thinking about her. Great social thinking!

DELILAH- You also have been doing great social thinking. You donated stuffed animals and dolls to help others especially in hospitals. That is very special.

JOHN- You have earned your first "You-YEAH" award!!!!! When you coughed, you put your hand up so you wouldn't cough on anyone else. Thank you for doing great social thinking and thinking about us!!! I can't wait to see the list you bring back next week for other awards. Keep up the great social thinking and remember WEBB AND remember to let people take off their coats first and settle down before you talk. This way they will be able to listen to you better! Have a great week.

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