"USING YOUR NOODLE" AWARD Week of October 10-17, 2013

Robbie- I am so proud of you. This is a great "Using Your Noodle" award. You were playing tag with a friend during recess and then he stopped playing. You stopped. You thought and remembered that another boy asked you to play earlier. You went up to him and began playing. You didn't get "red and stiff and stuck." Really this is also a "Bending Your Brain" award too. Great social thinking and staying calm and in the "green zone."

Ryan- Great "Using Your Noodle" award. You joined in on a freeze tag game during recess and became part of the group with your "eyes, body, AND brain." Awesome job!

Josh- You joined into a basketball game during recess- "Using Your Noodle." Keep on remember where to "target" your eyes! Can't wait to paint pumpkins this week!

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