Week of August 12

Great "Bend Your Brain"- Social Thinking News!!!!

Tyler- didn't really want to read a chapter in his book. But he didn't get red and stiff. He read the chapter and his mom very very good about it. You have earned a "BEND YOUR BRAIN" Award this week! Congratulations!!!! Keep up the great work. We need 3 more for next week!!!!!!

Toby- You have also earned a "BEND YOUR BRAIN" award this week. First your family was going to see the movie "Planes" on Saturday. That was the plan. Then they changed the plans to Sunday. You were alittle disappointed, but you were flexible and you were OK with the change. You went to see the movie on Sunday. Your mom and dad were very happy about how you bent your brain. Awesome job. Keep it up on vacation. You need to tell us 3 more bend your brain moments to put on our "Brainbow!"

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