COLE- You have once again showed great social thinking and more BEND YOUR BRAIN moments!!! You are now the only one in your house that doesn't have a cell phone. You understood you need to wait 2 more years and you were OK with that. No RED and STIFF moments. We talked that when you get one, yours will probably be the most advanced of everyone in your house. AND another BEND YOUR BRAIN moment. You were at your lacrosse team party and your brother wanted to go into the hot tub with you and your friends. You really just wanted to be with your friends, BUT you let your brother come in too. That was very special. You thought of your brother (YOU-YEAH). Congratulations!!!!

MASON- You earned another BEND YOUR BRAIN award. You were on the computer and loving it. Your mom said it was time to shut it off. You nicely asked for a few minutes. She said yes. She then told you it was time to stop. You did even though you were not happy about it. That kept everyone calm. That was great! Remember about being a "body" detective. Look at people's bodies and faces to see when the right time is to accomplish your goal. Awesome job!

NICK- I continue to be so proud of you. You had 2 times at recess that two kids were not so kind when you asked about playing tag. You recognized that you were in the YELLOW zone. You thought for a few minutes and remained calm in a difficult situation. You did the same thing when you lost the game during the session. These are also "USING YOUR NOODLE" moments!!! Don't forget your filter homework.

LUCAS- While you didn't get a BEND YOUR BRAIN award this week because of the complimenting issue in class, I am thinking about the one I KNOW I will be presenting to you in the future. I know you will be using that filter we talked about because I know you don't want to hurt people's feelings and I know you don't want to get "into hot water" with others. BUT, you do get a "YOU-YEAH" award when you told your buddy in the group that you are his friend. That made him feel very good. Thank you for that.

BUT----NICK/LUCAS- You also got a BEND YOUR BRAIN award for staying calm when we couldn't do our Plan A trip strawberry picking----because of the rain. You understood our Plan B was to do some fun things in the office and then go picking in 2 weeks. Thanks for staying in the GREEN Zone!!!!

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