There are quite a few "Bend Your Brain" awards!!!!

GRACE, NATALIE, JADA- BIG award here for all 3 of you. We were supposed to plant our plants to start the vegetable garden. That would have been Plan A. rained and we couldn't plant them. We have to wait 2 weeks. You ALL "BENT YOUR BRAIN" and stayed in the Green Zone. You did not get red and stiff. You were all calm and knew that we would plant it next time we meet. Thank you ALL for being so calm. I also want to say that your "One Direction" dance concert together was awesome. You all make a great TEAM.

JOSH- You are quite amazing. You sang and played the piano and were judged by two different groups of people. While you didn't win the competition, you were accepting of both the positive compliments by the judges AND their suggestions. You said that you were happen they told you those things so you know what to work on for next time. I am so proud of your thinking. You are musically amazing. You continue to show that you can "Bend Your Brain." Keep it up. Use your words nicely in a way that the situation can come out positive for you. Keep on working on those prayers.

ANTHONY- You continue to work hard in baseball AND not get upset when it doesn't always go perfectly. You continue to get better and better in your baseball skills. Congrats! Keep talking to the other kids. It is great to have a team that really cares for each other!

JOSH/ANTHONY- Thanks too for "Bending Your Brain" yesterday and not making me stay TOO long outside in the pouring rain (YOU-YEAH) and not having me get TOO wet! I know you both wanted to plant yesterday. We tried. Plan A didn't work. We will plant in 2 weeks. Thanks for staying in the Green Zone!

DANIEL- wanted to have a playdate at home. Mom said no because they had somewhere to go. You said OK and stayed in the Green Zone. You have earned a "BEND YOUR BRAIN" award for great social thinking.

PETER- You were playing Trouble with you sister. She took the red pieces. You wanted the red pieces. You took blue instead. What a great "BEND YOUR BRAIN" moment!!!! Don't forget when someone talks to you- you need a "bullseye" and say something to them so that they know you were listening. Congratulations!

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